Kategorie: Projects

  • Shields


    I made Shields for Franken Game Jam 2019 It’s a coop-twin-stick-shooter, where you rotate the shield of an ally! Only playable with two xBox controllers. I did coding (player controls) and audio on the project. Hannah Kümmel was responsible for more coding as well as the visuals.

  • Snow Storm

    Snow Storm

    For Global Game Jam 2019 I made Snow Storm together with Linus (@linusgaertig) and Nils! Snow Storm is a slow paced soulslike adventure where you must save a stranger from a snow storm. It is about getting to know your environment. I was responsible for code, music & sounddesign. Download (Win)

  • Hotbrauce


    I made Hotbrauce for the Games/Bavaria BBQ Jam 2018 together with Tobey Burger (UI, GameDesign, Animation), Patrick Müller(Code) and Ramona Hartmann (Art). It’s a 2D smashlike where two ninjas spray eachother with hotsauce! I worked on the Code and Music. Build (Win64) Build (Mac)

  • Streamlined


    [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/cantina-project/streamlined[/soundcloud] I got a  guitar. Here’s some music 😀

  • Reblob


    Reblob is an abstract puzzle game for Android. It is the first fully to be released (on Android, December 16th 2018) game project I was a part of. I was the main programmer for Reblob and responsible pretty much everything code related except for the animation system. I also did some level design and music…

  • French People and the Mafia

    French People and the Mafia

    French People and the Mafia was a prototype I developed with Carl-Philipp Hellmuth, Ivette Schmidt and Tobias Heiles as Hasty Gerbil Games. We exhibited the game at Quo Vadis 2018 as well as Games/Bavaria Vernissage and Update Games in the same year. In French People and the Mafia I was mainly responsible for code, system…

  • Hypergate Powernet

    Hypergate Powernet

    Hypergate Powernet is a Android puzzle game I made in my semester abroad at the University of Bradford. The player must connect nodes with energy streams. I made pretty much everything by myself. For the user interface I got help from André Weiß. Windows Build Android .apk

  • Farbtöne


    Farbtöne is a game jam game I made in late 2017. Teammembers included Florian Amthor, Eva Burghard, Tristan Heck and Lennart Derlin. The player experiences a grayscaled world and must solve puzzles to fill it with color. It is featured on the university of Bayreuths showcase-site, for which I got interviewed. Download (Windows)

  • Cards of Void

    Cards of Void

    Cards of Void was the final project of Timo Radzik and Sebastian Reuther. I helped out with music and sound effects. The project was exhibited at Games/Bavaria Vernissage 2014. Download (Windows)

  • Eosis: Raiders of Dawn

    Eosis: Raiders of Dawn

    Eosis Raiders of  Dawn was an AR app developed by the studio White Pony GbR. The project recieved two stages of  funding from the bavarian FFF (€100.000 in total) and was awarded a first prize in the first round of the start2grow startup contest as well as the second round of the startup buisness plan competition…